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Happy month-niversary!

Happy month-niversary, 2012 Singapore (and all Group B) JETs! The month flew by really fast for all of us as we settled into our new homes and new jobs. I’ve started teaching as well, and have done 6 self-introduction classes so far. Those kids now know more about me and Singapore than they ever wanted to know. LOL.

Now that I have my internet and no lessons to plan for tomorrow, I guess now is a good time as any to recap about the last couple of months. Although my JET journey officially begun last October with my application, the month before leaving was when things really became real.

Between coordinating freebies from MICA and the orientation, I had the chance to meet many of my fellow JETs before we left. We are a really awesome and friendly bunch of people this year! With the help of N-senpai, we created a Facebook group to share shopping tips for omiyage and up-to-date exchange rate information, discuss internet options and compare our future rents. Most of the 2012 JETs actively participated in the group, and the jokes and comments made me ROFL so many times in the sometimes tense run-up to leaving.

A group of us started a Whatsapp chat (purple liners plus 2 westies woot!), and it became a form of support for us. The night before we flew, we were plagued by uncertainty and exhaustion as we struggled to repack our bags for the last time to make sure we’re under the maximum allowance. Why are we packing up our lives like this and leaving for an unknown place? What if we’re making a mistake? Most of us didn’t sleep that night, but knowing that other people felt the same made it easier to pass the night.

The mood lightened once we actually got to the airport, and smiles were exchanged as we checked in. There were many hugs and tears at the airport when we left, and as all 23 of us gathered together and headed for the plane (and our new lives), a sense of camaraderie was built, fueled with excitement and anticipation.

Which promptly was set aside once we got onto the plane and fell asleep after lunch, knackered out from the tension and late-night packing. (o_ _)o.。oOO

The shut-eye gave us enough energy to get off the plane and start the long journey into Narita and Tokyo though. Most of us got onto the same bus, and that gave us a chance again to talk to one another. Excitement grew as we passed by Tokyo Sky Tree, and knowing that we didn’t have the time to visit this trip made us promise one another to meet in Tokyo again to go up on it (and visit Disneyland, and Ghibli Studios…).

When we finally arrived at Keio Plaza (after a long drive with slow traffic), all we wanted to do was to put our things down and go for dinner! A gang of us took over a ramen place just down from the hotel and had a loud dinner, culminating in us scaring the poor Japanese guy in the next table as we asked him to take a picture for us.
喜ビコーラス サン!ハイッ!|*>ω<)ノ  (>ω<*(>ω<*(>ω<*)幸セー♪

A conbini run later, we headed back to our hotel rooms for a good night’s rest and preparation for the start of TO the next morning.

(To be continued…)


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Barang barang galore

With less than 3 weeks left to go, I’ve been asked a few times, “Have you started packing yet?”

Well…no. But I’ve been considering it carefully! (ー▽ー;)

Seriously though, I have been thinking about what I want to bring, and have started buying the bits and bobs that I think I need.

For example:

At least I’m not bringing a tin of Milo with me. But 1 pack of Teh Susu isn’t going to last me very long. Neither is one pack of rendang sauce. I may need another trip to NTUC and pick up more stuff, especially if I intend to hold some Singaporean food parties…

These are the souvenirs and stuff I’m bringing for the kids. Overload of the crescent moon and stars!! Now that I know I’ll only be visiting 1 ES, I think I might have gone a tad overboard with the stickers. Still, more is better, right? I am Singaporean after all 😛 (For the non-Singaporeans, “kiasu” is our national identity. Please refer to your nearest Singaporean neighbour for a definition ^▽^)

I may be the only Singaporean (or maybe even the only JET) staring at my yarn stash and wondering how much of it would be coming with me. All my sock yarn is definitely coming, but what about the others? Hm…decisions, decisions…

Great. Now I really hope 2 weeks will be enough to pack… (cue ominous music) (;;;ーー)