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Seoul Fun!

Sitting in the nice cool 26 degrees temperature in the comfort of my own house, I can’t help but cackle at the poor souls still freezing back in Kobe. Yes, I’m home for the second half of CNY! Maybe this will finally break the chain of colds I’d been suffering from for the whole of winter.

Anyway, now that I’m basically doing nothing for the next week, it’s about time for me to try and catch up with my blogging. Starting with my Seoul holiday at the end of last year!

Seoul is just 1.5h flight time away from Osaka, so it’s a place I really wanted to visit. When I let my thoughts known to my fellow ALT, she mentioned that her friend is an English teacher in Seoul and she visits often. She then casually suggested that we could go together at the end-of-year holiday. Ka-ching! (sound of my eyes lighting up)

With Peach offering awesomely low prices, we managed to get tickets for less than 20,000 yen. We took a couple of days off school, packed our bags, and switched modes from Japanese to Korean. 안녕하세요!

The following photos will chronicle briefly about the week I spent as an illiterate tourist. XD
Yep, hiding my photos again!