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Winter cravings

Long time no post! I would love to post a travel post, but the thought of uploading a thousand photos (I’m not kidding) scares me. Facebook photo uploads have left me traumatised.

So instead of a travel post, have a food post! Actually, this is just for me to keep my recipe somewhere so I don’t go looking up every other site on the internet trying to figure out what I did the last time. If you want to try and follow it, please know that I’m a very haphazard cook who cooks based on my feelings and estimates (or agak) everything. You have been warned.

Today’s recipe: Rice Cooker Claypot Chicken Rice


All right, so the picture isn’t that great, but what’s important is the taste!

I still can’t really understand why they would sell claypot rice premix because this is honestly one of the simplest things to make. The basic ingredients are chicken, rice, ginger, soy sauce and oyster sauce. Things you’ll find in almost every kitchen. But I guess it’s good to use if you don’t have a rice cooker that works well. Still…

To make it taste more authentic, there are a few more items, some of which can’t be found in Japan without paying a fortune. So, to help anyone who’s heading here in the near future, here are a few words of wisdom if you like claypot rice.

Dark soy sauce and a couple packs of Chinese lup cheong from NTUC. Don’t leave home without them. Shaoxing wine optional.