Kobe Days

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About rynhayashi

A Singaporean ALT in Kobe, Japan on the JET Programme ^^

Been here for 1 year as a student, 3.5 as an ALT, always in Kansai. Serving her 4th year as an ALT. May become a unicorn soon. Has started making post-JET plans.

Loves to travel. Conquered Mt Fuji alone last summer. Adores homemade umeshu, Cassis Oolong and Framboise Orange with a passion. Occasionally remembers to blog about her life.

Feel free to ask her any questions about anything relating to her life here.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.
– Henry David Thoreau


6 thoughts on “About rynhayashi

  1. HI, i would like to ask u about questions relating to JET program. alright by email?

  2. Hello, may I contact you on questions about the JET program? Thank you!

    • Hi! Sure, but if you could ask your generic questions here first, that would be great 🙂

      • My questions aren’t really generic but here goes!

        I’m wondering what do JET returnees do after returning? Or what can a returnee do? Is the experience transferrable in terms of jobs? How valuable is the 1year experience in the long run?
        What are other past JET participants doing after returning from the program?
        I’m told that there are many foreign language teachers in Japan but places where most are reluctant to go, meaning less than desirable places, are where ALTs are usually placed to compensate, is it true?

        That’s all for now. Thanks!!

      • JET returnees do the same type of jobs they would be doing if they weren’t JET returnees. It doesn’t change your resume that much.

        How transferable the experience is depends on what you do on JET. As the saying goes, every situation is different. One JET may have done lots of planning, assisting, coaching, etc; another might have done nothing worth noting. Similarly, what value one JET gets out of the experience is different from another JET.

        I don’t understand your last question, but here’s an explanation. The JET programme is one of many programmes schools use to place ALTs in their school. There are private placement companies that do the same thing. Where ALTs are placed depends on the company placing them. The difference is that JET is run by the government and JET ALTs are directly hired by the Board of Education and not the placement company.

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