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Recap: Kyushu Day 2~3 Kumamoto

After a crazy loud reunion in Singlish late the night before, we headed out early the next morning to pick up our car. LQ and LC both had licences, so this trip we didn’t have to be at the mercy of public transportation. Yay!

So we headed off on our adventure towards Kumamoto. The plan was to head for the castle first. It was a nice, sunny day, and the park around the castle was filled with families. LC came upon a group of older men practising some kind of top-spinning, and they were happy to show us what they were doing. Sorry to say the pics will not be posted as they have our faces in them.




We walked up to the gate and took some pictures, but chose not to go in because 1) we were working on a tight schedule (and I mean TIGHT), and 2) having been in Japan for close to a year now, most of us had enough of castles.

One thing we learnt though – just because a Japanese person has a hugeass professional-looking camera does not mean that he knows how to take good pictures. Best way to take a picture the way you like it? Take one the way you like it first, then show the person you’re asking. Japanese pictures tend to focus too much on the face and not enough on the scenery.

Clickie for more piccies.



Recap: Kyushu Day 0~1 Yamaguchi/Fukuoka

As I’m trying to write this post I realized why I stopped putting up my travel posts. How do I write all my posts when it takes forever to upload my photos?!


So I think it might be time to do some recap on my travel adventures. It’s been way too long, hasn’t it? Well. It’s a cliche, but better late than never, eh?

Anyway, the trip to Kyushu, which took place in Golden Week 2013 (I know, thank you very much), was planned between 5 Singaporeans from 5 different places – Hiroshima (WT), Hokkaido (LJ), Ishikawa (LQ), Miyagi (LC) and myself, Kobe. Just that alone would give you an idea of how difficult it was to plan, even with modern technology. Still, we managed it somehow. I was going to join them for the first part of the trip, then break off to do my own thing since they wanted to go to Oita, where I had already been. We arranged to meet at Fukuoka to kickstart our trip.

WT and myself planned to take landed transport to our destination. She was going to take a bus in the morning and I would take a overnight ferry. The other 3 would meet up at KIX and take a Peach flight down later in the day. With that planned, I set off to the ferry terminal for my first experience on the ferry.

As usual, click for piccies.