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Breaking the silence

So for the past 3 weeks I’ve been very uninspired to blog. The thing about being on JET is that after a while, it’s just a job. Sure, you’re in the land of the rising sun, everything is different from home and VS Arashi is just a click away, but in the end, it’s a place where you spend 7 hours trying to get some knowledge of English grammar into a bunch of kids’ heads 5 days a week and then spend the other 2 days recovering from that before doing it all over again.


Can you tell I've been working too hard lately?

I love my job…most of the time. I make it a personal challenge to come up with lessons that not only allow my kids to practise grammar (and make their teachers happy), but also allow them to learn while having fun. That's why I spend half my day or all my non-teaching hours designing tasks to do both. But sometimes, just sometimes, I wonder if I'm really making any difference at all.


Anyway, no other news to report for now. I've not been inspired to post, partly because FB's "super-awesome" photo uploading tool has been a pain in the tushie, and I'm not ready to face it with my 800-odd photos left of my Kyushu trip. Which is a sad thing because if I don't do it soon, I'm going to start to forget. Ugh.

In other news, I've been poking my nose into the affairs of the 2013 Singaporean batch of JETs, accumulating more data for analysis. It seems that most Singaporeans are posted to the usual spots, but there have been a couple of surprises, such as Okinawa. I had never come across any information about Singaporeans in Okinawa before this, so I assume that this would be the first time a Singaporean JET is sent there.

I've been thinking about words of wisdom I can impart to them, but so far, the only thing I can think of is this.

“Leave the chicken rice paste at home. If you are really going to cook chicken rice, bring the dark soy sauce. That's the one that's hard to find here.”