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Food for the Soul

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The last time I went home in February, I was saddened that I didn’t have time to eat all the things I wanted to eat. A week’s not a long time, and if you meet up with friends, you don’t exactly pick the hawker centre as a place for dinner. Still, next time I go back, I’m going to spend a day at a hawker centre, ordering whatever catches my fancy.

I kinda want a new column, so I thought that it might be a good idea to do one about my attempts to replicate Singapore food. So, since I’d talked about or chien, I decided to make and share another favourite recipe – bak chor mee.


There are a few recipes online, but I like using this one from Food Made With Love. The bak chor in this recipe is fried, not boiled as you would usually see at the hawker centre, but I like it as the leftover can be used in bentos or in a stir-fry.

I cheated by using fresh shiitake instead of dried Chinese mushrooms to save on cooking. That way, I don’t need to soak them, and I can get away by using the microwave to ‘stew’ them instead of doing it over the fire. (Hey, gas is not cheap! :P)

Japanese fishcake (or kamaboko) makes its appearance in place of fishballs and fishcakes. I prefer using the ‘tiger-striped’ ones rather than the pink ones, though…they look more familiar. Wantons are sold at my local supermarket at 10 for 98 yen, so I panfried a couple of them and added them to the bowl.

With some chilli and a lot of Chin Kiang vinegar added to the mix, I think it was a decent attempt to recapture the flavour of the authentic bak chor mee in somewhat-warmer-but-still-not-there-yet Japan. So…are you hungry yet? 😀


One thought on “Food for the Soul

  1. Looks great! Glad you enjoy my recipe! (:

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