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Food for the Soul

The last time I went home in February, I was saddened that I didn’t have time to eat all the things I wanted to eat. A week’s not a long time, and if you meet up with friends, you don’t exactly pick the hawker centre as a place for dinner. Still, next time I go back, I’m going to spend a day at a hawker centre, ordering whatever catches my fancy.

I kinda want a new column, so I thought that it might be a good idea to do one about my attempts to replicate Singapore food. So, since I’d talked about or chien, I decided to make and share another favourite recipe – bak chor mee.


There are a few recipes online, but I like using this one from Food Made With Love. The bak chor in this recipe is fried, not boiled as you would usually see at the hawker centre, but I like it as the leftover can be used in bentos or in a stir-fry.

I cheated by using fresh shiitake instead of dried Chinese mushrooms to save on cooking. That way, I don’t need to soak them, and I can get away by using the microwave to ‘stew’ them instead of doing it over the fire. (Hey, gas is not cheap! :P)

Japanese fishcake (or kamaboko) makes its appearance in place of fishballs and fishcakes. I prefer using the ‘tiger-striped’ ones rather than the pink ones, though…they look more familiar. Wantons are sold at my local supermarket at 10 for 98 yen, so I panfried a couple of them and added them to the bowl.

With some chilli and a lot of Chin Kiang vinegar added to the mix, I think it was a decent attempt to recapture the flavour of the authentic bak chor mee in somewhat-warmer-but-still-not-there-yet Japan. So…are you hungry yet? 😀


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Chronicles of an elementary 給食 (January & February)

I know I said I’d try catching up, but I’ve been suffering from pretty bad insomnia for the past couple of weeks. Add that to a pretty hectic schedule catching up with the classes I’d missed and well, blogging just wasn’t a priority.

I’ll try to keep up. By the way, if you’re not one of my regular readers (you know who you are), why not introduce yourself to me? I’d love to know who’s reading my blog :3

First up, Mr Snake said Hi on the 1st of January. Of course, if you’re Chinese, it wasn’t really the Year of the Snake yet. Heh.
(By the way, the kagami-mochi (鏡餅)he was sitting on was only broken on the 7th.)


More pictures here…