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Seoul Fun!

Sitting in the nice cool 26 degrees temperature in the comfort of my own house, I can’t help but cackle at the poor souls still freezing back in Kobe. Yes, I’m home for the second half of CNY! Maybe this will finally break the chain of colds I’d been suffering from for the whole of winter.

Anyway, now that I’m basically doing nothing for the next week, it’s about time for me to try and catch up with my blogging. Starting with my Seoul holiday at the end of last year!

Seoul is just 1.5h flight time away from Osaka, so it’s a place I really wanted to visit. When I let my thoughts known to my fellow ALT, she mentioned that her friend is an English teacher in Seoul and she visits often. She then casually suggested that we could go together at the end-of-year holiday. Ka-ching! (sound of my eyes lighting up)

With Peach offering awesomely low prices, we managed to get tickets for less than 20,000 yen. We took a couple of days off school, packed our bags, and switched modes from Japanese to Korean. 안녕하세요!

The following photos will chronicle briefly about the week I spent as an illiterate tourist. XD
Yep, hiding my photos again!


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Chronicles of an elementary 給食 (December)

Yes, I know I’m a month late. In my defence, January has been a really busy month and I’m suffering from my 4th cold in 3 months. I swear Japan is trying to welcome me with its full range of cold viruses.

December was a busy month, but an exciting one. Carolling with some of the other JETs (flash-mobbing the Flower Clock, but we did get an audience!), learning how to cook 鸳鸯河粉 for a SE-Asian food party, inviting myself to my ES enkai (& skipping my JHS one), attending my first Christmas JET party, and finally, ending the year in Seoul. Definitely a huge contrast to my previous Decembers. XD

December 6

Bread (again…), fried fish and vegetable soup (Class 5-3)

It had been a very bad week, but the day got a lot better when one of my 5th graders came to the staffroom during recess and told me her dream was to be lovely like me. Awwwwww :’)


December 7

Rice, vegetable curry, fried chicken strip, boiled broccoli (Class 5-2)

5-2 was the first class I ever had lunch with, and there’s a boy in there who got teased a long time by his classmates when, in response to his very loud insistent questioning on whether I had a “boy rabu rabu”, I replied “(name) rabu rabu!” You would have thought he’d learnt his lesson. But…no. Sigh. Silly boy.


December 10

Rice, squid cooked with teriyaki sauce and stewed mixed vegetables

Another busy week at my elementary! My ES got confused by the garbled version of the calendar provided by my JHS teacher-in-charge and thought I was available the whole week when I’m not. As a compromise, I managed to squeeze one day out for my JHS classes, but I had to mix 1st and 5th grade classes on a couple of days. It’s confusing! ><

Anyway, this day, my nutritionist invited me to watch the kitchen staff put up a play about eating everything for the nakayoshi class, so I ate in the staffroom instead. She asked me to help translate it into simple English for them to perform. (My principal's idea. I don't think it worked out in the end. It was fun, though.)


December 12

Rice, fried pork cubes, egg drop soup (Class 5-5)

There was a very noisy kid in this class, and his surname made me think of another noisy kid in my JHS class, so I asked him if he had a brother. He did. The teacher asked me later how I knew that, and I told her about the similarities between the two boys, ie, both of them don’t know when to keep quiet in class. She apologised for the younger brother’s behaviour. >< Poor teacher. That wasn't the point I was trying to make.


December 13

Bread, borscht, vegetable “salad” (Class 5-4)

I made a face in this class while drinking my milk. (I really dislike plain milk to start with, and the milk they serve is just…yucks.) A couple of the kids I was with were sympathetic and wanted to ask the class for permission to let me skip the milk. Sweet kids!


Later in the staffroom, I had to do some serious sweating over something I needed for tomorrow’s 6th grade class.

Behold the limits of my artistic ability!


Shut up. I barely passed art.

December 14

“Bibimbap”, fried prawns, seaweed soup (Class 6-1)

The 6th graders learnt how to make their own thingamingy that I made the day before. It had them poring over tour booklets (that my very resourceful 6th grade teacher “received” from JTB XD) and choosing a country to draw about. Some of the kids in my problem class chose Singapore, which made me happy.


December 20

Bread, apple jam, chowder, “ikan bilis” (Class 5-3)

I love the ikan bilis. I wish we had that more often.


December 21

Rice, pumpkin stirfry, fish ball soup, oranges (Class 6-2)

Teachers got more than one orange each! XD But I was asked to leave the extras behind while I ate with my class. Fruit is such a rare treat in 給食.


So that was my 給食 adventures for 2012! Stay tuned for a trip report of Korea and more adventures in 2013~