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Homesickness remedies

If you’re a true blue Singaporean, ‘homesickness’ would almost definitely involve some kind of nostalgic rambling about…you guessed it, food. Chats with my fellow Singaporeans 5 months into our stays sometimes go into emotional reminiscing about hawker food – bak chor mee, roti prata, hokkien mee being some of the common few we rave about.

The first time I was here in Japan I didn’t really miss Singaporean food that much, so I learnt to make a lot of Japanese food instead – oyakodon, chicken karaage, okonomiyaki, curry rice…basic Japanese home-cooked food. My concession to Singaporean food came in the form of instant Prima mixes and Knorr instant soups. This time round, however, probably because I don’t have the luxury of having someone send the mixes to me (and also because of the cold), I started to crave a lot of the spicy, flavourful hawker food we have at home. With a larger kitchen and more spending money than my previous stay, I started my experimentation with online recipes.

I satisfied one craving today with or chien (oyster omelette) for lunch. Oysters are sometimes sold at a reasonable price at this time, and I got a pack of about 11 oysters for 258 yen at the local supermarket. I think I could have made it crispier by letting the batter sit a little longer before adding the egg, but it was still good and really reminded me of home.

(recipe adapted from To Food With Love)

Add some lovely sweet strawberries that I got on sale for dessert and it was a wonderful lunch! Don’t you wish you were here? πŸ˜‰


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Chronicles of an elementary 硦食 (November)


A long break later, I’m back! So many things to update.

But because I’m boring like that, here are more pictures of my school lunch! πŸ˜› (Hey, uploading and writing memories of my days at the ES takes a lot of time, all right?)

November 15

Bread, chicken karaage, vegetable soup (Class 6-4)

Back after 2 weeks’ break from ES! I spent those 2 weeks conducting interview tests at the JHS. With a bad cough. Sitting in the corridor with drafts. No, it was not easy.
Anyway, back at the ES, I found out that a lesson was postponed because of the music festival, so we’re going to have to rehearse directions. It had me climbing a lot of steps that day…
And…bread…why bread again? T^T


November 22

Bread (again), chicken curry with beans, boiled cauliflower (Class 6-5)

6-5 is my favourite class. I usually have my first class of the day with them, since the HRT is in charge of the English lessons, so it’s a rare thing for them to have lunch with me. They cheered so loudly when they knew I was having lunch with them πŸ™‚
But omg the number of steps I climbed that day! Even the ζ•™ι ­ sympathised with me.


November 26

Rice, fish in ginger sauce, vegetable soup (Class 5-1)

Start of another full week at the ES! My first lessons with the 5th graders. The teachers had me walking around the school with the kids to practise “What’s this?” It would have been fine…if it wasn’t so DARN COLD. ><


November 27

Bread, bee hoon soup, korokke, apples (Class 3-2)

My 3rd grade teachers decided to have a double-period lesson of charades. It was kinda fun, and I got onto the floor with them doing imitations of gorillas and cats. XD BUT OMG TIRING.
The kids wouldn’t stop fighting for the apples. Hehe.


November 28

Rice, furikake, stewed beef & yam, stir-fry vegetables (Class 3-1)

Triple double-period charade lessons. BRB DYING.


November 29

Bread, spaghetti in cream ‘sauce’, fresh broccoli (not frozen) (Class 3-5)

Today the nutritionist asked the teachers to let the students know that the broccoli in the lunch are fresh, not frozen as they usually are. I was hoping that my class would have students who disliked broccoli but alas, just the opposite. They were very flavourful.
Double carbohydrate. Sigh.


November 30

Rice with hijiki, fried fish, miso soup with pork (Class 6-3)

It’s Lesson Observation Day!! Each and every one of the new ALTs gets observed by a CIR and some staff from the KEC. I later found out that I’m the only one observed at my ES and not my JHS, and I’m the very last one. The lesson (with 6-5) went perfectly, and they were impressed. (Then again, I had already done the lesson 4 times earlier in the day so…LOL.)


Another month over! December up next!