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~ My JET Thanksgiving List ~

I’m thankful for…

getting the chance to be here.
having my 2 schools just 15 min away by train.
my JHS OTE, one of the most amazing girls I have ever met.
my 2 ALT companions, that even though we often have to fight over one laptop, we never got to fisticuffs XD
my adorable elementary school kids, one of whom told me today,「先生は美人だ。」
my amazing ES teachers and staff, including a 校長 who loves English, a 教頭 with a wonderful sense of humour and an 栄養士 who is always feeding me.
my 3 fellow Singaporeans here, with whom I can lapse into full-blown Singlish and still be understood.
all my new ALT friends, with whom I have hiked a mountain, visited an onsen, shopped at Costco and had a very drunken yakiniku party.

I’m very, very thankful :3


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Chronicles of an elementary 給食 (October)

Ya know, I am fully aware that half of November has already gone by. I plead illness and interview tests. More on those later.

Now, for the food! (My photo-taking is so regular now that my office ladies barely blink when they see me whip my phone out for a picture ^.^;)

October 2 (Start of a whole week at my ES! orz tired)

Bread, fried udon, yoghurt and…some bean mix thingy (Class 1-1)

It was pretty tasty. The kids couldn’t get enough of the udon but the bread…oh the bread. I actually traded in my adult-sized one for my P1 kid’s mini (he totally wanted it!), and it still nearly killed me.

October 3

Chicken karaage and vegetable soup (Class 6-3)

Simple and delicious. In this class, there was a boy with a milk allergy so severe we had to be careful to go far around him when we exited the class with our milk boxes.

October 4

Fried ikan bilis, bread and chowder (Class 3-3)

I loved the ikan bilis. Loved them! It was my first class with the 3rd years, and I fell completely in love with a couple of them when they came to me after lunch and asked me, “You’re so cute, why aren’t you married yet?” I couldn’t stop laughing for a long time after that.

October 5

Stir-fry chicken and さつま芋 (sweet potato) soup (Class 3-4)

I found something else I don’t like. さつま芋。Bleargh.

October 11

Hijiki+さつま芋 and cauliflower and bread (Class 1-2)

I don’t get this combination AT ALL.

October 12

Fried chicken balls, vegetable チャンプル and pear jelly (Class 6-1)

Yum! (For the record, I threw most of the rice back into the pot.)

October 18

Bread, cream stew, broccoli, fruit cocktail (Class 4-6)

I loved the broccoli and took lots of seconds! The teacher was happy to keep putting more on my plate. I think I ate a whole broccoli by myself…

October 19

Hijiki+vegetables, fried fish (Class 6-2)

October 25

Bread, stir-fry chicken, stir-fry vegetables and some kind of coffee flavouring for the milk (Class 4-3)

My Chinese roots protested against the bread and lack of rice. Rice! Rice goes best with stir-fry!


This 4th grade class was also the first class ever to invite me to play with them at lunch. We (actually, they) played dodgeball. I just ran around trying not to get hit. XD

A nod to Halloween from the kitchen stuff. LOL.

October 29

Stewed meat & tofu, stir-fry vegetables (Class 5-?)

A miscommunication between my schools had me working on my 代休. At least I get a replacement day off, to be spent in Kyoto!

We played with the kids at lunch. My school has an awesome huge slide and the 5th graders love to slide down while holding hands. Thrilling! Then we played dodgeball and tried not to get in the way of the ball again XD

But my favourite part of the day was when my 2nd graders came to grab me by my hands and drag me to their classroom, asking me, “What’s this?” all the way. If I wanted validation that I’m doing the right thing, that was it. /tears

So that’s the October edition of my 給食 adventures. Tune in for November’s version!