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Barang barang galore

With less than 3 weeks left to go, I’ve been asked a few times, “Have you started packing yet?”

Well…no. But I’ve been considering it carefully! (ー▽ー;)

Seriously though, I have been thinking about what I want to bring, and have started buying the bits and bobs that I think I need.

For example:

At least I’m not bringing a tin of Milo with me. But 1 pack of Teh Susu isn’t going to last me very long. Neither is one pack of rendang sauce. I may need another trip to NTUC and pick up more stuff, especially if I intend to hold some Singaporean food parties…

These are the souvenirs and stuff I’m bringing for the kids. Overload of the crescent moon and stars!! Now that I know I’ll only be visiting 1 ES, I think I might have gone a tad overboard with the stickers. Still, more is better, right? I am Singaporean after all 😛 (For the non-Singaporeans, “kiasu” is our national identity. Please refer to your nearest Singaporean neighbour for a definition ^▽^)

I may be the only Singaporean (or maybe even the only JET) staring at my yarn stash and wondering how much of it would be coming with me. All my sock yarn is definitely coming, but what about the others? Hm…decisions, decisions…

Great. Now I really hope 2 weeks will be enough to pack… (cue ominous music) (;;;ーー)