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47 prefectures

ETA: I created a new page for my 47 prefectures countdown list!

One of my (recently crafted) dreams when I got to know that I’ll be going back to Japan is to visit all 47 prefectures. Not knowing exactly what they are and how many of them I’ve actually already been to, I decided to start a list and keep count.

picture credit: wikipedia

1. Hokkaido(北海道)– Sapporo, Otaru

2. Aomori(青森県)– Aomori, Hirosaki
3. Iwate(岩手県)– Hiraizumi, Morioka
4. Miyagi(宮城県)– Sendai, Matsushima
5. Akita(秋田県)
6. Yamagata(山形県)– Yamadera
7. Fukushima(福島県)

8. Ibaraki(茨城県)
9. Tochigi(栃木県)– Nikko
10. Gunma(群馬県)
11. Saitama(埼玉県)
12. Chiba(千葉県)– Tokyo Disney Sea
13. Tokyo(東京都)– Tokyo
14. Kanagawa(神奈川県)– Yokohama

15. Niigata(新潟県)
16. Toyama(富山県)
17. Ishikawa(石川県)
18. Fukui(福井県)
19. Yamanashi(山梨県)
20. Nagano(長野県)
21. Gifu(岐阜県)
22. Shizuoka(静岡県)
23. Aichi(愛知県)– Nagoya

24. Mie(三重県)– Toba
25. Shiga(滋賀県)– Biwako, Otsu
26. Kyoto(京都府)– Kyoto, Uji
27. Osaka(大阪府)– Osaka, Minoh
28. Hyogo(兵庫県)– Kobe
29. Nara(奈良県)– Nara, Yoshino
30. Wakayama(和歌山県)– Mt Koya

31. Tottori(鳥取県)
32. Shimane(島根県)
33. Okayama(岡山県)
34. Hiroshima(広島県)– Hiroshima, Miyajima
35. Yamaguchi(山口県)

36. Tokushima(徳島県)
37. Kagawa(香川県)
38. Ehime(愛媛県)
39. Kochi(高知県)

40. Fukuoka(福岡県)
41. Saga(佐賀県)
42. Nagasaki(長崎県)
43. Kumamoto(熊本県)
44. Oita(大分県)– Beppu
45. Miyazaki(宮崎県)
46. Kagoshima(鹿児島県)

47. Okinawa(沖縄県)

Current count: 19/47

As expected, only the Kansai area is well-represented. I’ll be trying to visit more of Chugoku and Shikoku this time. Chubu will be an aim of mine when I can get a longer holiday. Seishun 18 FTW!


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I said I’d open this blog once I knew my placement, so it’s time to open it! I’ve been placed in…<drumroll>…

神戸市!(Kobe City)

(Kobe, circa Golden Week 2011)

A few thoughts crowded into my head when I saw that.
1. Huzzah! Not an inaka posting!
2. Wait a minute, Kansai AGAIN?!
3. I’ve already been there 3 times. And it’s just an hour away from Kyoto.
4. Well, at least it’s the western side, so it’s close to Chugoku, and I can visit Tottori.
5. But it’s Kansai AGAIN!!

Repeat ad nauseum.

Seriously though, while I do feel some regret at not being placed in a sub-urban placement (as I requested), there are a lot of benefits to going to Kobe.
1. I can’t drive, so a city posting means commute can’t be that bad.
2. Shopping!
3. I know Kansai train systems like the back of my hand. And Hankyu trains are cool!
4. Icoca!!!
5. Shinakansen! Airport with Skymark! Night buses! And even ferries to China!
6. Visit all the friends in Kyoto!
7. Chinatown…probably.

Still, I foresee myself running out of Kobe as much as I can. I’m grateful for such a cushy posting (although I’ve heard Kobe JETs have to write an essay and re-interview every year to be re-contracted, as well as change schools every 6 months), and Kansai’s lovely and all, but I really want to see other parts of Japan. This is where I sing praises of the great transportation system that’s available in Kobe (and watch my monies fly out the window…).