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Recap: 2015 – 2012


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JET 20 Questions

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, and since I found this on a fellow JET’s blog, I thought I’d answer them and see if there are any further changes when I actually leave the programme 😉

Name: Ryn

Prefecture Placement: Kobe City

Prefecture Requests: Suburb, no specific requests
If you’re kaypoh enough to want to know more…

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Recently, I have been busy reading 亦舒 while studying for the 漢字検定 and feeling increasingly guilty at my 半桶水 Chinese ability while trying to remember all the 音読み and 訓読み of the 漢字 and making sure I write the characters ‘the right way’.

Needless to say I’ve been wondering when my head will explode in a mess of characters.

I do eventually hope to challenge the impossible 準1級 level which would require writing characters in the old traditional way. Let’s see how long my head will last.

PS: Singapore JET interview results should come in April. Hang on for just another 1.5 months!

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A failed experiment with a new recipe has yielded me 6 meals’ worth of slightly undercooked gomoku rice (五目ご飯, lit. 5 items rice). After eating one, that’s 5 more servings waiting to eaten.

Well, at least it’s healthy and good for me.

Note to self: if it looks like you have too much stuff to fit in the rice cooker, take a hint. ><

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Random new column


New column entitled ‘slice of life’. For the times when I just decide to randomly upload photos for no reasons at all. Heh.

Studying at Mister Donuts yields more results than studying at home, especially since the table at home is right next to the futon and it’s getting cold out here. Also, free flow coffee is always helpful in staying awake. Sadly though, while I seemed to have a knack for picking up Japanese, I don’t seem to have the same knack for Korean. Which is why I just seem to be repeating the same lessons over and over again. 아이고…

Methinks me needs to watch more Running Man.

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47 prefectures update

Recently I’ve been thinking of a way to chronicle my attempt to visit all 47 prefectures in a more comprehensive way than my current method of recounting my trips. WordPress doesn’t make it easy to upload my photographs, arrange them in order, and write my posts, so I decided to try a new site and chronicle my travels by prefectures instead.

I’ve started writing some posts and have linked them back to my 47 prefectures page here, but if you’re interested in reading them all in one place, feel free to visit my new travel blog site ‘47 Prefectures‘ (original, ain’t I?).

I’ve only got a few places from my most current travels up now, but hopefully I’ll manage to get everything done there and not let all my pictures languish in the depths of my computer. XD

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Recap: Kyushu Day 2~3 Kumamoto

After a crazy loud reunion in Singlish late the night before, we headed out early the next morning to pick up our car. LQ and LC both had licences, so this trip we didn’t have to be at the mercy of public transportation. Yay!

So we headed off on our adventure towards Kumamoto. The plan was to head for the castle first. It was a nice, sunny day, and the park around the castle was filled with families. LC came upon a group of older men practising some kind of top-spinning, and they were happy to show us what they were doing. Sorry to say the pics will not be posted as they have our faces in them.




We walked up to the gate and took some pictures, but chose not to go in because 1) we were working on a tight schedule (and I mean TIGHT), and 2) having been in Japan for close to a year now, most of us had enough of castles.

One thing we learnt though – just because a Japanese person has a hugeass professional-looking camera does not mean that he knows how to take good pictures. Best way to take a picture the way you like it? Take one the way you like it first, then show the person you’re asking. Japanese pictures tend to focus too much on the face and not enough on the scenery.

Clickie for more piccies.